Prime Minister Najib Mikati Discusses Lebanon’s Epidemiological Situation and Cancer Drugs with Minister of Public Health Firas Al-Abyad

2023-08-23 08:17:37

Prime Minister Najib Mikati met with Minister of Public Health Firas Al-Abyad this morning at the Grand Serail.

Al-Abyadh stated, after the meeting: “The meeting with President Mikati dealt with the epidemiological situation in Lebanon, especially the Corona epidemic, and as the ministry said in the past, there is an increase in the number of injuries, and this matter we usually witness in the summer season, and the Ministry of Health monitors cases in and outside hospitals, and currently The numbers we have indicate that there is an increase in cases, but the situation in hospitals is under control, and there are very few cases that need intensive care.

He said, “Therefore, we reiterate our emphasis on prevention, and we advise patients who suffer from comorbidities, and who are most susceptible to infection, to take the vaccine to protect themselves.”

And the minister stated, “We also advise those who have symptoms to avoid contact, and all those who have immunity problems to use personal protective equipment such as masks and others. The Ministry of Health will inform citizens of any new information on this matter.”

And he continued, “As for the second topic that we talked about, it is cancer drugs and incurable diseases, and I recall our previous meeting with the head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Representative Bilal Abdullah, and the members of the committee with His Excellency Prime Minister Mikati, where it was confirmed that this matter is a red line, as the issue of support continues and funding is available, and this will be the focus The meeting between the Prime Minister and Acting Governor of the Banque du Liban, Wassim Mansouri, to continue the mechanism used to secure these medicines for the Lebanese people, and this matter, as I said, is a red line for the Lebanese government.

And Al-Abyadh continued, “We also discussed the issue of dialysis and securing supplies, because there is some shortage in them, due to some difficulties that importers were facing, and in this regard, a meeting will be held tomorrow in the Ministry of Health between the official guarantors, importers, and the Hospitals Syndicate to search for solutions to this issue.” And I confirm that the service provided to dialysis patients will continue, and any solution will not be at the expense of the patient, and there will be no differences on the patient.

And he declared, “The Prime Minister briefed us on some of the new projects that will be opened in some government hospitals, and they are related to serving cancer patients in addition to expanding some dialysis departments, and this helps patients and facilitates their movement so that they do not have to travel long distances to obtain services.”

Al-Abyadh said, “Governmental hospitals play a tremendous role with the most vulnerable classes to provide services to them and to lift the burdens of differences that private hospitals sometimes require from their shoulders.”

In response to a question about the existence of interruptions in cancer medicines, he said: “This matter is always raised when there are issues related to financing. We notice that there are some companies abroad that slow down the dispatch of these medicines, and we have been able to solve this issue by setting up a mechanism.”

Al-Abyadh revealed, “A meeting will be held next Friday with the Importers Syndicate to put points on the letters, but the medicine is currently secured through the existing tracking platform, and the majority of the medicines are present, and the talk that is said that 40 percent of the medicines are not available is absolutely incorrect.”

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