Crushing “Progress Sor Jor” in the Battle ONE Lumpini: Saemapetch Fairtex’s Path to Redemption

2023-08-23 09:07:09

ONE Lumpini: Saemapetch Fairtex would like to use the expertise to advance the Sor. Tong Prachin restoring the faith of boxing fans

Date 23 Aug. 2023 time 15:48

Saemapetch Fairtex “Left Lightning” Saemapetch Fairtex is confident that he will use freshness to crush “Progress Sor Jor. They will face each other in the bantamweight Muay Thai rules (135-145 lbs.) Battle ONE Lumpini 30 broadcast live from the Lumpini Arena (Ramintra) on Friday, August 25th after The 28-year-old young fist from Chiang Mai defeated Brazilian boxer Philippe Lobo, losing his first place in the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Rankings in April. In the past, watched the ONE Fight Night 9 clip on April 22, 2023, Saemapetch Fairtex vs Philippe Lobo, Saemapetch vs Philippe “Saemapetch” did not hesitate to accept the offer of an excuse fight. which had to face a senior left-handed boxer like “Progressive” who carried the veteran and the national standard arena championship degree with him But he believes that his freshness will be able to tackle “progressive” to the point of despair. Because he is left-handed boxing, kicks left, strikes the left elbow, so his best shot is the leg hook. His elder brother is a skilled boxing style who always solves the game on the stage. I had to be careful because we had never fought before. I don’t know how Pee Progress can solve my game. But what I’m superior to is my physical condition, which is fresher, which is progressive. He stopped boxing for a long time and has recently returned to boxing. I think I’m going to use this place to attack him.” Saemapetch Fairtex For this fight, Saemapetch guarantees that it will be oily. because in addition to the desired victory He still wants to show his form to impress the boxing fans. This may give the person the opportunity to return to the throne again. “I believe this fight will be fun. We are both left boxers. is boxing left and boxing left Whoever exits first has the advantage. I had to steal the rhythm first in order to have an advantage over him. And I will walk, fight, walk and compress him to collapse. In order to have space for me to close the game quickly Right now I’m just thinking about doing whatever I can to win my opponent. because I want to have the opportunity to compete for the throne again. Follow ONE Championship and ONE Lumpini at : LIVE CHANNEL ONE Lumpini – FACEBOOK : [เริ่มเวลา 19.30 น.]
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