Prince Turki bin Talal Receives a Priceless Gift: Story from the Al-Salama Heritage Museum

2023-07-22 18:51:10

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The owner of the Al-Salama Heritage Museum in Balqarn gave Prince Turki bin Talal, the Emir of Asir, one of his dearest possessions in the museum.

The owner of the museum said to the prince: “You deserve more than what we have dearest. If we had more, we would give you.”

The prince replied, “May God protect you. This is one of your dearest possessions, and I am aware of this thing, by documenting it as a gift from you to me, and by returning it to you, you hang it in this place, as a gift from me to the museum and the visitors of the museum.”

Mahdi Al-Qarni, owner of the Al-Salama Museum, told Al-Ikhbariya: “Out of our love for the prince and his honor for us, we decided to gift him from the dearest, most beautiful and best that we have in the museum,” adding, the prince is a lover of heritage and the Asir region.

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