Prioritize entertainment and learning

Summer holidays are sometimes a headache for parents who cannot find how to occupy their children during their absence and the long hours of the day.

Due to a lack of resources and sometimes lack of time, many children, who stay alone at home, can get bored and spend their day in front of screens, TV, tablets, etc., which is harmful to their mental and physical health. Keeping their children occupied during the school holidays is the concern of many parents, especially those who work, in order to help them make the most of their holidays and have fun while offering them activities adapted to their age and mental capacities.

To do this, there is no need to spend a lot of money to enroll them in clubs and workshops that are sometimes expensive.

All you have to do is offer them fun activities and plan their day according to a well-balanced rhythm of life.

Mothers who do not work can organize themselves well to occupy their children and offer them a variety of activities to fill their days. “Holidays are planned in advance,” notes Leyla, a 45-year-old mother, housewife with two children enrolled in school. And to add: “Certainly, the summer holidays are an opportunity for children to rest and have fun after a long year of work, waking up at specific times, revising to prepare for their tests…. But summer is also an opportunity for them to have fun and learn at the same time. In order to properly prepare my children for the start of the school year, I offer them fun activities and educational games that we play together. We take advantage of the morning to read. The afternoon and evening are devoted to entertainment, the beach and night outings in order to get some fresh air and oxygenate your head.

My two children are enrolled in a basketball club, but my means do not allow me to enroll them in other centers where they can practice other educational activities; so, I take care of it myself to plan various activities during all the holidays”.

As for Olfa, a civil servant, with two children, Yakine and Mohmmed Ali, enrolled respectively in the fourth and eighth basic years, she entrusts her children during the morning to a teacher who helps them revise subjects such as languages ​​and mathematics in order to to refresh one’s memory and prepare for the start of the school year.

“Once the school year is over, the summer holidays start, we go to the grandparents’ house in Sousse, our hometown to have fun, enjoy the beach, the family and reunions and rest. The children take advantage of their day to practice sports with their cousins…During the rest of the holidays, we plan a program that combines learning, tutoring and entertainment,” says Olfa.

And to add: “We also take advantage of the holidays to spend more time together, as a family by practicing walking, at night, to enjoy the greenery and the hours spent in the public garden to let off steam and change our minds.

It’s good for the children’s balance after long hours spent alone during our absence”.

Summer holidays are an opportunity for children to rest first and recharge their batteries for a top start at the start of the school year.

Combining fun and entertaining activities is necessary to avoid boredom and long hours spent in front of screens, online games…

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