Pro-Russian Influence Network in Europe: The Connection to Vlaams Belang and Filip Dewinter

2024-03-27 20:53:00

It was notably via the Voice of Europe information site that the dismantled network, controlled by Viktor Medvechuk, a Russian oligarch and personal friend of President Vladimir Putin, wanted to operate. Medvechuk was exchanged, alongside 44 Russian prisoners of war, for 200 Ukrainian fighters in September 2022, five months after being arrested.

Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) allegedly worked for years on behalf of China

He has since led a pro-Russian influence network which aims to turn European opinion in favor of Russia.

Among the Belgian politicians who have already given interviews to this site, we find the names of several members of Vlaams Belang and in particular FIlip Dewinter, who gave an interview last September.

He talks about mass immigration, the war in Ukraine, Europe and its elections as well as Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

To our colleagues, Filip Dewinter defends himself: “I give interviews to anyone who wishes. I did not receive any money for this. I was asked, then the interview took place,” he admits, saying he was surprised to see Russians behind this site.

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