Frozen optical instruments in a telescope dedicated to searching for dark matter

France – The optical instruments of the European Euclid telescope, which searches for dark matter, have begun to freeze 1,500,000 kilometers from Earth.

It is noteworthy that the Euclid space telescope, whose mission was prepared for 15 years and cost $1.5 billion, was launched by the European Space Agency last July, and sent its first images last fall. It was manufactured to explore dark matter, which constitutes 95% of the universe and whose nature is considered a mystery to this day.

Now, after several months, scientists have begun to notice a decline in the intensity of the telescope’s imaging. This is due to the devices freezing, and the team of scientists is looking for a way to get rid of the sediment remotely. The layer of ice covering the devices can be compared to the thickness of a strand of DNA, but this is not enough to cause problems.

Experts are trying to clarify the source of the ice cover. Other devices also faced this problem when entering cosmic space, as the vacuum forced water from the components of the device that was sucked from the air during assembly on Earth. These molecules turn into ice and stick to the first surface they encounter, specifically to the Euclid telescope.

Naturally, scientists prepared in advance to prevent the lenses from freezing. Shortly after the launch, the process of eliminating water molecules was carried out, as the telescope was heated by heaters on board, as well as by the influence of the sun. It was supposed to dissolve all the water, but this was not possible due to the presence of several insulating layers in the telescope. And now it is being slowly launched into the void of space.

Source: TASS

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2024-03-28 05:02:25

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