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Product recall: this baby comforter and toy poses a choking hazard

by archyde

A baby’s toys absolutely must be irreproachable from a security point of view. Unfortunately, some products on the market do not correspond to the quality rules, and recalls are regularly announced on the Rappel Conso site to avoid putting toddlers in danger. This is the case today with a cuddly toy and an awakening toy which represent a risk of suffocation.

Reminder of a comforter

The first recalled product is the “cuddly toy bear head dish” from the brand Trois Kilos Sept. It bears the reference “REF 839 5025”, the barcode 3701322705282, and the batch number 1148 or 1357. This plush which presents a choking hazard has been marketed in many stores (Aubert, Autour de Bébé, Bébé 9, etc.) throughout France, the list of which is available icibetween November 5, 2020 and September 27, 2022.

Reminder of an awakening cube

The gray awakening cube with the image of a Three Kilos Seven bear is also recalled. It displays the reference “REF 839 5022”, the barcode 3701322705075, and the batch number 1148 or 1357. It was marketed between October 22, 2020 and September 27, 2022, in many stores whose list is available ici.

What if you have these products at home?

This cuddly toy and this activity cube have a plastic ring containing small balls, and it is he who is at the origin of the recall. Indeed, it can break and the baby then risks ingesting these beads, which entails a risk choking. Parents who have them at home must put them out of the reach of their child. They can then bring them back to the point of sale or contact consumer service on 04 79 28 99 33 to obtain a refund.

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