Prohibited Fruits for Cholesterol Patients: Expert Answers and Guidelines

2023-09-22 11:20:05

02:19 PM Friday, September 22, 2023

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Harmful cholesterol is an increase in the levels and rates of fat in the arteries and veins of the body, so doctors always and forever advise a patient with harmful cholesterol to be careful in eating his meals and foods so that his condition does not get worse.

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In the following lines, Al-Consulto presents an answer to whether there are fruits that are forbidden for patients with bad cholesterol.

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Are there prohibited fruits for cholesterol patients?

Dr. Bahaa Naji, a clinical nutrition consultant, said that there is no type of fruit that patients with bad cholesterol are prohibited from eating, even if the percentage of sugars in it is high. He explained that the sugars found in fruits are fructose, which burns quickly and does not cause any harm.

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Are dried fruits prohibited for cholesterol patients?

The therapeutic nutrition consultant pointed out that dried fruits are not prohibited for patients with harmful cholesterol, stressing that they do not turn into triglycerides in order to negatively affect the health of cholesterol patients, but rather they only negatively affect diabetics.

Regarding the avocado, which is the type of fruit that contains the most fats, he explained that it does not negatively affect patients with harmful cholesterol, because the fats in it are unsaturated and non-triglyceride.

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