Preparation and Expectations for the Hangzhou Asian Games: Chinese Sports Delegation Ready to Compete

2023-09-22 22:26:01

  Hangzhou Asian Games is about to open

  The Chinese sports delegation is actively preparing for the competition (hot focus)

The Hangzhou Asian Games is about to open, and competitions in football, volleyball, sand volleyball, rowing and other sports have already begun. In this Asian Games, the Chinese sports delegation will participate in 38 major events and 407 minor events.

In weightlifting, table tennis, diving, shooting and other events, Chinese athletes overcame the fatigue of consecutive competitions and went all out to adjust to the Asian Games.

On September 16, local time, at the end of the World Weightlifting Championships held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, three members of the Chinese weightlifting team broke five world records and won 20 golds, 10 silvers and three bronzes. Bi Donghai, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Weightlifting, Wrestling and Judo Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, said that many young athletes in the current weightlifting team have no experience in comprehensive international competitions. “After returning to China, we carefully summarized the experiences and lessons of the World Championships and strive to create good results in the Asian Games. .”

The Chinese table tennis team held a closed training camp in August and conducted warm-up drills through multiple intra-team competitions and the Asian Table Tennis Championships in September, and achieved good results. Li Xun, the head coach of the Chinese table tennis team, said that the team members practice through competition, and the team cohesion continues to improve, and the competitive state is getting better.

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In the Asian competition, the overall strength of the Chinese diving team is strong, and the team’s goal is to surpass themselves, strive for excellence, and accumulate strength for the Paris Olympics. Tokyo Olympic champion Wang Zongyuan will participate in the men’s one-meter and three-meter springboard competitions. He hopes that he can calm down during his first Asian Games trip and achieve good results in both events.

The Chinese shooting team has just concluded its journey to the World Championships and immediately shifted to preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games. According to Wang Lian, deputy director of the Shooting and Archery Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, in the second half of this year, the Chinese shooting team will participate in a series of important international events such as the World Championships, Asian Games, and Asian Championships, and the team has made preparation plans early. , started targeted training, “We regard the Asian Games as a ‘mock test’ of the Olympic Games. It is not only a test of the details of our preparations, but also a test of the athletes’ skills, tactics and mentality.”

In terms of track and field, swimming, gymnastics and other major events, the Chinese sports delegation regards the Hangzhou Asian Games as an important training opportunity before the Paris Olympics, and strives to achieve good results while training the team.

The Chinese track and field team sent a total of 62 athletes to participate in this Asian Games, including Olympic and World Championship champions such as Gong Lijiao, Feng Bin, and Wang Jianan, as well as young athletes such as Chen Jiapeng and Xiong Shiqi who are participating in the Asian Games for the first time. Tian Xiaojun, vice chairman of the Chinese Athletics Association, said: “Young athletes should use the opportunity of competitions to train themselves, show their training level, and work hard to get opportunities to participate in next year’s Olympic Games and achieve better results.”

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The Chinese swimming team sent 40 athletes including Zhang Yufei, Qin Haiyang, Wang Shun, Ye Shiwen, Li Bingjie and other powerful athletes. Their goal is to strive for gold, challenge their limits, and accumulate more experience in preparation for the Paris Olympics.

In this Asian Games, the Chinese sailing and windsurfing team sent 14 athletes to compete in 10 events, and most of the participating teams are athletes born in the 2000s. “The Chinese team just competed against other Asian athletes at the World Sailing Championships in August, and we ranked first in Asia in multiple competitions.” Zhang Xiguang, leader of the Chinese sailing and windsurfing team, said that the Chinese team will strive for good results this time.

The Chinese men’s gymnastics team sent five members, Zou Jingyuan, Zhang Boheng, Xiao Ruoteng, Lin Chaopan, and Lan Xingyu, to compete. The women’s gymnastics team consisted of Zhang Jin, Tang Xijing, Yu Linmin, Zhang Xinyi, and Zuo Tong. “The primary goal of the men’s team is to win the men’s team championship, demonstrate their training level, and then strive for good individual results.” Tokyo Olympic parallel bars champion Zou Jingyuan said.

This Asian Games has a total of 8 martial arts routine events and a total of 7 martial arts Sanda events. Li Qiang, the head coach of the Chinese Wushu Routine Team, said that the team members are well prepared and very confident to achieve good results. Li Jie, the head coach of the Chinese Wushu Sanda Team, also said that the team members have improved their abilities in all aspects through intensive training. They are currently in very good condition and will strive for success in the Asian Games.

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(Reported by People’s Daily reporters Fan Jiayuan, Tao Xiang’an, Zheng Yi, Li Yanfei, Ji Fang, Liu Shuoyang, Li Shuo, Sun Longfei and Li Yang)

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