Prostitution and human trafficking: a group of bikers in the crosshairs of the Brussels public prosecutor’s office

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Three members of the No Surrender motorcycle club and the wife of one of them had to answer on Friday before the Brussels Criminal Court for having forced a Dutch woman into prostitution. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office requested sentences ranging from two to four years in prison against them.

The victim contacted the police in July 2021 stating that she had been the “property” of Elhassan A., “captain” of the No Surrender motorcycle club, since 2014, and that the latter had forced her into prostitution by Germany. She would then have been taken, at the request of Herman B., “Gold President” of the club, to Maaseik, to Zwolle and finally to Brussels, always to prostitute herself.

According to the prosecution, despite some nuances in the victim’s story, the evidence is sufficient to speak of human trafficking, exploitation of prostitution and criminal organization. The prosecution therefore requested six years’ imprisonment for Elhassan A., four for Herman B., 30 months’ imprisonment for the latter’s wife, Maria S., and two years for a third member of the gang, Kevin P.

The three men had already been sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to four years by the Antwerp Criminal Court on June 28 for violation of the law on firearms and participation in a criminal organization. Herman B.’s lawyer referred to this conviction to request the absorption of his client’s sentence or a suspended sentence. A stay was also requested for Maria S. Elhassan A. and Kevin P. were not present in court. Judgment November 4.

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