protection of critical infrastructure has been strengthened in Latvia

The State Security Service also informed senior officials about the risks of Russia carrying out provocative actions against Latvia, including sabotage and sabotage.

Since last year, the State Security Service has already identified a number of sabotage actions against various objects on the territory of Latvia, organized by Russian special services, for example, an attack on the Museum of Occupation and the desecration of a memorial stone to Latvian legionnaires in the Dzhuksti volost.

The State Security Service is currently supporting the State Police in investigating several more cases of sabotage activities, checking their possible connections with Russian intelligence services.

The State Security Service has developed recommendations for owners of critical infrastructure facilities, which indicate the need to pay increased attention to suspicious activity near these facilities and inform the service about it. Suspicious activities near critical infrastructure include, for example, unauthorized filming, photographing or surveillance of an object, launching an unmanned aerial vehicle, staying near or repeatedly moving around an object, and stopping at the object in a vehicle equipped with a video recorder.

Security has been strengthened at critical infrastructure facilities, inspections of the territory are carried out more frequently, and staff have been re-instructed on potential risks and signs of suspicious activity.

The State Security Service informed the State Police and local government police about possible threats to critical infrastructure facilities, calling for increased attention to their safety.

Taking into account the nature of the incidents identified in Latvia, the State Security Service also took measures to strengthen control over memorial sites important to Latvia and called on the municipal police to strengthen surveillance of them.

The State Security Service also calls on citizens to be vigilant and immediately report suspicious activity at critical infrastructure facilities and memorial sites.

You can contact the State Security Service by calling 24/7 at 67 208 964 or by email

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2024-05-09 10:30:44

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