Provincial University of Laguna Blanca Launches Historic Bachelor of Nursing and Medicine Programs

2024-02-17 14:53:15

Also for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, so it will be a historic day for the province of Formosa.

Dr. Enrique Morales, rector of the Provincial University of Laguna Blanca (UPLaB), based in the town of Laguna Blanca, confirmed that this Monday the 19th will be “a historic day for the province of Formosa,” since “for the first time “The Basic Introduction Course for the Medicine degree will begin.”

In statements collected by the Formosa News Agency (AGENFOR), he explained that this very important event for the institution represents a milestone, since “one of the first steps announced at the time by Governor Gildo Insfrán, with the decision to create the Medicine and Bachelor of Nursing degrees.”

Both careers, in turn, within the framework of the “2024 academic calendar”, about which the rector indicated that at the house of higher studies “we have returned to work already in the month of January with all the preparations, and since On February 6, the doors of the University opened for students.”

It should be remembered that these two courses were accredited by the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU) in 2023. “So our University, fulfilling that promise of Governor Insfrán to the people of Formosa, is in a position to start with them,” he emphasized.

Then, the rector of UPLaB advanced in giving details about the Basic Introduction Course to Health Sciences, which was designed within what is established by the statute and the career plans.

The same “will begin to be dictated this coming Monday the 19th in the city of Laguna Blanca at the UPLaB headquarters,” he confirmed.

“So it will be a historic day for the province of Formosa,” he emphasized forcefully, due to the fact that “it will be the first time that we will have the Basic Introduction Course for the degree in Medicine.”

And he also said that “then, the applicants who registered for the race and complete and pass said course will be able to enter the race in the month of April.”

This course will last five weeks and has a series of practical, theoretical activities and evaluations. “Once the course is completed, the people who will be able to enter the first year of the Medicine and Bachelor of Nursing degrees will be determined,” he pointed out.

Rector Morales, finally, anticipated that on Monday the 19th there will also be “a great movement”, because around “about 600 people” who are the candidates in total for both races, will attend the UPLaB headquarters.

“And furthermore,” Morales added in this line, “classes will soon begin for the careers that are already being taught, which are the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism, Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences, Engineering in Agricultural Production; and last year University Nursing was started.”

Consequently, “that added to the people who will attend the Basic Introduction Course, will represent a movement in the University and the area that marks the degree of activity that the institution has achieved in its second year of life; This is very important since it shows notable growth,” he finally assessed.

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