PS Plus announces lineup of free games for March including “Shadowwalker”, “Ghost of Tsushima: Qi Tan Mode” and more

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced today (2/24) the content of the PlayStation premium network service “PlayStation Plus” in March, and is scheduled to provide PS Plus members with the PS5 game “PlayStation Plus” from March 1 to April 4.Shadow Walker(Ghostrunner)”, PS4 game “Sonic Partner Team Grand Prix》、《Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” and the PS5 / PS4 game “Ghost of Tsushima: Qi Tan Mode” for free download and play

※ PS Plus membership is required to download. After downloading or adding to the content repository during the period, it can be permanently retained, but PS Plus membership is required to play

Shadow Walker》(PS5)

Shadow Walkeris a cyberpunk-style action game that depicts the story of residents struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Players will play the role of warriors who can walk between high-rise buildings to launch rebellion operations, climb up the “Dharma Tower”, the last fortress of mankind after the end of the world catastrophe, and fight against the brutal key administrator.

PS5 versionShadow Walker》Retains the acclaimed fast-paced action gameplay, adds enhanced elements such as HDR, ray tracing, 3D sound effects, and tactile feedback, supports 4K resolution and 120FPS smooth screen output, and instant loading. Includes all play modes added after launch.

Sonic Partner Team Grand Prix》(PS4)

Sonic Partner Team Grand Prix》Combined with the fast-paced fighting style of large-scale video games, players will choose the familiarSonic》 series debut characters, driving a sports car freely built with a variety of parts, competing for the glory of speed on the track. Players can compete with good friends, and can also form a team together to participate in the speed competition in the form of teamwork by sharing the power-up and acceleration items obtained with each other.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons》(PS4)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” is a puzzle-solving action-adventure game, featuring the ability for players to operate two characters at the same time through the left and right analog joysticks, and work together to overcome various obstacles and obstacles to pass the customs smoothly. The story describes a pair of brothers whose mother was killed in an accident and their father fell ill. In order to save their father’s condition, the brothers followed the doctor’s instructions and went to a strange distance to find the legendary elixir.

Ghost of Tsushima: Chi Tan Mode (PS5/PS4)

Ghost of Tsushima: Chi Tan Mode is the best-selling action-adventure gameGhost of Tsushima》A standalone version of the online multiplayer mode “Ki Tan Mode”, inspired by Japanese myths and legends, with elements of the supernatural and fantasy. Players can choose from 4 occupations such as samurai, hunter, ronin and assassin, team up with friends or form a team of 2 to 4 people through online matching to challenge various modes. Each class has unique strengths, abilities, and elements of customization.

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