PS5 Pro Controller Coming with Removable Sticks and Rear Paddles? rumor

In the latest console competition, the part where the PS5 was judged to have clearly gained the upper hand was the game controller and the Dual Sense.

Sony’s PS5 DualSense showed a distinctly different experience with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers not found on other controllers, and rumors are circulating that Sony is preparing a controller that will offer a new and improved experience.

As noted by rumored leaker Tom Henderson, Sony will show off a new Pro-grade controller for the PS5. and will include additional paddle-style buttons on the back.

In addition, he said that the internal software will also be upgraded, and Tom Henderson actually saw a new promotional image, and the form factor is similar to the current DualSense, but the design focuses on customization, such as being able to detach/replace new functions as a whole. mentioned that

Rumors that the official Pro version of DualShock 4 will appear even in the past PS4 days have been going on for years, but since they did not appear in the end, there is a possibility that this rumor will be just a rumor.

However, in the PS4 twilight, Sony released the rear paddle parts for DualShock 4 as official parts, and it received a very good response, so I have experience confirming the need for additional elements for the controller.

Therefore, it does not appear that there is no possibility that any changes or new controllers will be provided.

Finally, according to this rumor, the new controller will be revealed at the end of this month, so the truth of the rumor is expected to be revealed at the end of this month.

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