PSG Women: the return to the field of Kheira Hamraoui mocked by Hayet Abidal

The Kheira Hamraoui affair continues on social networks. Paris Saint-Germain have announced the return of their midfielder to the women’s group for the trip to Saint-Étienne on Sunday. A news that was not to the taste of the ex-wife of Éric Abidal. In the midst of a divorce after the former French international admitted having cheated on him with Hamraoui, Hayet Abidal reposted a post from an Instagram user evoking the “smashing entry” of the Parisian player “into the top 10 most influential witches.

In her own story, she went there with her little comment against the former Barça player: “Good match on Sunday, I wish you to be a starter in life and on the field! A barely concealed reference to the adultery committed by her former husband with Kheira Hamraoui when he was sports director of the Blaugrana club. This is not the first time that the woman has mentioned this case via the social network Instagram.

At the beginning of December, she shared a photo of her children with the caption: “Telling my children that I love them is not a habit. It’s my way of always reminding them that they are the best thing that has ever happened to me. “A publication which had occurred a few days after another by Éric Abidal in which he asked his wife to forgive him for his mistake.

Aminata Diallo has already taken over

The return of Kheira Hamraoui to the Parisian group comes two weeks after that of Aminata Diallo. At the beginning of November, the latter had been suspected of having played a role in the mysterious and violent attack on Hamraoui after a dinner organized by the club in the Bois de Boulogne, all against a backdrop of sporting rivalry.

On the way back, two men ordered the 32-year-old player to get out of the car driven by her teammate before beating her with an iron bar in the legs, accusing her of a relationship with “married men” . The dark affair and its media fallout excluded the two players for several weeks from the PSG women’s group.

It was only a few days later that the name of Éric Abidal appeared, linked to the purchase of Kheira Hamraoui’s mobile phone chip. The adulterous relationship revealed, Eric and Hayet Abidal were heard within the framework of the investigation carried out by the judicial police of Versailles and which is still in progress at the present time.

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