Public sector strike: Here are all the many sectors that will be disrupted by national action this Tuesday

Public transport, administrations, waste collection, education but also public channels will be disrupted. The socialist union has also called for a general strike for the day of May 31. This day of action aims to denounce a general malaise in the public sector. The union common front denounces a lack of means and respect for social dialogue on the part of the authorities. Workers’ representatives want to demand more purchasing power, investments and the strengthening of pensions.

“The coronavirus crisis has shown that a strong public service is necessary in difficult times”, stress the unions.

The actions will extend to all public, federal, community and regional services. They will take different forms, including strikes. On the rail, SNCB staff will participate in the movement and the train offer will therefore be limited from Monday 30 May at 10 p.m. until Tuesday evening. A minimum service will be worked out according to the presence of the personnel, it will be communicated the day before the action.

Regional and municipal administrations will also be closed, while the firefighters will also participate in the mobilization to denounce the “little interest” shown in the personnel of the rescue zones.

In education, the Flemish socialist union ACOD Onderwijs will join the strike movement and the CGSP will cover the participating teachers but will not massively mobilize its affiliates, already involved in a series of demonstrations to demand a change of direction in school policy in Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

RTBF and VRT staff will also take part in the strike.

Regional actions will also take place. In the Center region, for example, the CGSP will distribute leaflets and set up blocking pickets in several places. The activists will be present early in the morning at the provincial athenaeum of Morlanwelz, at the inclined plane of Ronquières, in several TEC depots, in front of the municipal administrations of La Louvière and Binche or even on the site of the inter-municipal Hygea of ​​Manage and container parks.

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