Push SOFT POWER send “4MIX

“Khaosan Entertainment” continues to push SOFT POWER to deliver “4MIX – Jeans-Papichaya”, full of great shows in Minnesota. United States of America!!

continues to push forward to create a trend in the T-POP industry, stepping into the world market continuously For Khaosan Entertainment Camp, led by Mr. Phurit Kunchorn Na Ayudhya, Managing Director who used to send 4MIX bands, consisting of Ninja-Charukit Khamhongsa, Makka-Nattapat Dee Lerttrakul, Folk Song Chaninthorn Boonrawd and George Ramet Kiat Sukudom, the first Thai LGBTQ+ group to create a T-POP phenomenon in Mexico causing a lot of buzz at the end of 2021

Recently, the camp is preparing to send 4MIX along with new artists Jean-Papichaya to enter the international market again to join the big show at the “Minnesota Songkran Festival”, the largest Songkran festival held in front of the National Assembly building. Nnesota, Minnesota, USA..

“Mr. Phurit Kunchorn Na Ayudhya” Revealed.. “After we continue to support and drive T-POP trend to step into the world market successfully by sending 4MIX to visit Latin American countries in late 2021 and have made a success like a lot of concerts in Mexico which has more than 3,000 visitors and fan clubs attending the event until it becomes a buzz This made many people admire the success of Thai artists who went to build a reputation for the country. Come this year, Khaosan Entertainment camp has continued to expand Soft Power to penetrate the international market again …..

… this time received a collaboration and an invitation from the Thai Cultural Council in the United States. Minnesota (St. Louis Park City) and the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans, USA let 4MIX and new artist Jean-Papitchaya perform at the “Minnesota Songkran Festival”, the largest Songkran festival held at the front. Capitol Building, Minnesota, Minnesota, USA on May 28-29, 2022. On May 28, 2022, the kids will perform from 5pm-5.45pm (US time). On May 29, 2022, the show will take place from 4 PM to 4:45 PM (US time), which is a pleasure and pride that, in addition to being able to get T-Pop trend into the global market again. We also have a part in disseminating Thai culture to the eyes of the world.”

Thai fans can follow the show of 4MIX – Jean Papichaya at the “Minnesota Songkran Festival” live and can follow details on Khaosan Entertainment and 4MIX Official on all platforms.

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