Putin ordered the use of force to kill more than 350 points and fell below 17700 points | Anue Juheng

Ukraine has entered a state of emergency, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has heated up in an all-round way. U.S. stocks tumbled on Wednesday, and Asian stocks have also been hit hard today (24th). Ukraine used military force, and it was rumored that the capital Kiev was attacked by air strikes. The US futures index collapsed by more than 800 points, and the broader market once again plunged more than 350 points with volume, falling below 17,700 points. It is estimated that today’s trading volume will expand to more than 400 billion yuan.

Electronic weight stocks could not escape the air raid, and opened lower and lower. Among the three electronics companies, MediaTek was the weakest, with an intraday drop of more than 4%. The power king TSMC continued to suffer, falling more than 2%. Delta, UMC, and Quanta also have more than 2%. % of the decline, only Xinxing benefited from the strong demand for carrier boards, and the order is expected to be seen in 2027, and it will stand firm against the trend.

One Piece set sail yesterday, and today it will be backed up again. Farglory Port fell by more than 3%, Yangming, Wanhai, and Jianxin International all fell by more than 2%. Taihua Investment Control, Taiwan Shipbuilding, Xinxing, and Yangming Tong weakened; The aviation duo continued to be weak, and the intraday decline expanded, falling more than 6% at the same time.

The aviation duo continued to be attacked by selling pressure, and other tourist groups, which were also unblocked stocks, became a safe haven for capital. Yidian, Farglory, Baiwen, Hanshe, Jinghua, and Yunpin strengthened simultaneously.

The legal person pointed out that as the tension between Russia and Ukraine continues to heat up, many European and American countries have successively imposed economic sanctions on Russia, causing turmoil in the global financial market and pressure.

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