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Putin shows new symptoms that trigger rumors about his health

by archyde

From the start of the war in ukrainelast February, the rumors about health of the Russian President, Vladimir Putinhave not stopped spreading, especially after each public appearance.

The last one took place on Thursday afternoon, when he held a massive event in Moscow to celebrate the annexation of four provinces u oblasts Ukrainians, and gave a speech about it.

Coinciding with this act, a new report has emerged on a Telegram channel, General SVR, in which it is said that before a meeting, Putin “complained of severe pain in the abdominal cavity, couldn’t stop quickly, and spent the meeting leaning forward, trying to maintain a natural posture.

Putin’s oncology is progressing and, despite adequate treatment lately, the pain is not always completely relieved,” says the Telegram channel, quoted by The Sun.

“It must be understood that the President’s deplorable state of physical and mental health affects key decision-making. Putin does not want to change history, wants to end it”, they conclude.

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