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Flights between Havana and Miami canceled due to alleged technical problems

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Several users on social networks have reported in recent days, especially this Saturday, the cancellation of Havana-Miami flights.At the close of this information, the Cuban Airports and Airport Services Company SA (ECASA) had not ruled on the matter. However, the cancellation is real and many are affected at this minute.

All the flights that have been canceled belong to the North American company American Airlines. Cuban Directory he consulted the Flightradar24 platform, specialized in this activity, and indeed, according to his records, the cancellation of several flights between Havana and Miami is evident.

These operations are usually carried out through Terminal number 2 of the José Martí International Airport in the Cuban capital.

Meanwhile, the website of the Miami International Airport was consulted and it also shows the same canceled flights.

Also problems with electricity?

One of the users who complained about this situation stated that their flight was canceled due to problems with electricity.

That same person did not specify details regarding this type of contingency if it was on the track or in the terminal itself.

Another Internet user also asked the airport authorities about the causes of said cancellations. However, he did not get a concrete answer.

At 10 p.m. ECASA published information from its Facebook account denying the current irregularities:

“Despite the situations created by the damage that occurred today, everything is going on normally in our terminals. We maintain the services, due attention and communication to our passengers.


Currently, hundreds of Cubans are stranded in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Havana. This sudden cancellation, apparently, is due to technical problems.

A recent note from ECASA explains what happened:

Informative note!

The Cuban Airport and Airport Services Company (ECASA) reports that all the country’s airports continue to operate and continue in the recovery phase after Hurricane Ian passed through the national territory.

This morning there was an impact on the technological systems that support the passenger check-in service, causing delays in the process by having to use alternative manual methods. Under these conditions, most of the planned flights were carried out, except for some operations that were canceled by decision of the airlines and the affected passengers have received the attention established for these cases.

At the time this note was written, the check-up system was restored, providing the service as normal. The rest of the systems have not been affected.

Flights between Cuba and the United States

Last June, the State Department lifted multiple restrictions on flights to Cuba. Among them, the ban on US airline flights to nine Cuban airports outside of Havana ended.

Then, Anthony Blinken confirmed that those decisions were to support the Cuban people and in favor of the foreign policy interests of the United States.

Cuban Directory will keep abreast of what happens regarding flights between Havana and the United States and will share the information with its users.

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