Putin’s Foreign Minister Lavrov reprimanded at every turn at the G20

It was to be the first major international appearance by a Russian leader since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine. Moscow’s chief diplomat, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (72), wanted to demonstrate a stable Russia at the G20 foreign ministers’ meeting in Bali. And plowing the way for his boss, wartime president Vladimir Putin (69), when the Bali summit of G20 heads of state and government takes place in November. Everything happened differently, and very quickly. Lavrov was criticized at every turn. And took flight. Left the meeting early.

It finally came to a head when Lavrov’s Western counterparts refused to take a group photo with the Russian. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (60) led the boycott, like the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported on site. Colleagues joined Blinken. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (41) later declared that because of the “cold-blooded” Russian aggression in Ukraine “there will be no official photo at this G20 meeting”. You can’t “stand smiling at the side of someone like that”.

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