Qualities of a Good Radio Presenter: Insights from Montreal’s Top Radio Stations

2023-12-11 06:21:54

On the Community Radio Alliance website, you can read an excellent reflection on the qualities of a good presenter. In the end, author Simon Forgues writes that at the end of the day, a boss should ask himself just one question before giving someone this role: “Is this the kind of host I would miss? Did he have to be gone for a few days? »

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Many people have known this feeling of boredom since Paul Arcand left the airwaves of 98.5 on November 9. The results of the latest Numeris survey tell us that the absence of the “king of the airwaves” has caused the show to lose a few feathers Since you have to get up.

The fall is far from dramatic and Arcand continues to largely dominate the Montreal market. But this demonstrates the importance of the role of a host at the heart of a show.

The members of the team are valuable, of course, but it is undoubtedly on the shoulders of the leader that the success of a show rests.

I had this thought while examining the latest Numeris report from fall 2023 concerning the performance of Montreal radio stations. What do you want, some people read Kevin Lambert’s latest novel in bed, for me it’s radio poll data.

Another observation, once again 98.5 succeeds in placing its four flagship programs (Since you have to get up, The Normandeau effect, Without reservation et Quebec now) among the five most listened to programs in Greater Montreal⁠1. Quite an achievement!

One is entitled to wonder why this station can have so many shows that are number one in their niche. The answer lies in the homogeneity of its programming and the very strong links that unite the shows and the hosts. No matter what time of day we tune to 98.5, we find ourselves in a known and defined environment. We stay in the same family.

Which is not quite the case with ICI Première, one of whose mandates is to offer a variety of programs and styles. Regarding the public channel, it includes 5 programs in the top 10 of the most listened to shows in Montreal: Penelope, All one morning, Midi info, Draw me one morning (Saturday edition) and The day is (still) young.

We can once again speak of a very strong dominance of these two radio stations in Montreal.

Let’s stay in the most listened to programs to highlight some nice rises between last spring and fall: Penelope (HERE Premiere), Nadia at the weekend (Friday edition on Rythme FM), All Terrain (ICI Première), a new show which achieves the feat of climbing several places in a few weeks, It is so good (HERE Music), The 15-18 (HERE Premiere) and Light years (HERE Premiere).


The team ofSee you next week marked the show’s 15th anniversary last May. For the occasion, the show was recorded in front of an audience on Radio-Canada.

There is, however, a shift that I have difficulty explaining and it is that ofSee you next week, which left the top tier of the charts after many years. It must be said that this show, one of the biggest successes in the history of ICI Première, was broadcast late in the season (September 9) and that in such a long run, it is normal to attend a certain decline. Let’s wait until next spring to see things more clearly.

Still at ICI Première, there is one aspect that absolutely must be highlighted and that is the excellent performance of the 8 a.m. news bulletin which obtains a market share of 26.1% in the Montreal market⁠.

This means that many listeners tune into 95.1 just to listen to this bulletin. And that means that public radio continues to be a reference in information.

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ICI Première weekends continue to dominate the Montreal market⁠2, particularly with the Sunday edition of the show Draw me one morning. Which brings me to the reviews. Franco Nuovo and Pénélope McQuade are among the most criticized and controversial hosts of ICI Première. Their personality is very divisive. However, we must recognize it, with their more than enviable scores (Penelope obtained a historic record for all seasons with a share of 21.3%), these two hosts seem to be riding above the recriminations.

When we look at the listening habits of men and women⁠3, unsurprisingly we realize that men aged 25 to 54 mainly listen to the radio for information (Since you have to get up, All one morningetc.) while women, who also really like this type of program, tend to diversify their viewing with musical or entertainment programs (Véronique and the fantastic, The morning gang, Red at worketc.).

I was interested in the table of shows most listened to by 18-34 year olds. If they listen to the big news mornings like everyone else, young listeners bring up in the top 20 three shows from ICI Première: Everything can happen, Jeannot BBQ et Add fuel to the fire. Interestingly, they are also very interested in the show The underside of real estate broadcast on Saturdays at 98.5.

The other success that should be highlighted is that of ICI Musique, which has tripled its listening share⁠4 over the last four years to reach an average of 7.3%. Who would have said one day that this music channel would find itself neck and neck with CKOI and Rouge FM?

With shares of 18.1% for It is so good14,9 % pour Free songs11,2 % pour Pop and cold water11 % pour Time for a song and 9.1% for The music channel, ICI Musique has the wind in its sails. For his part, Francis Reddy achieved the feat of obtaining shares of 9.5% and 8.7% on Saturday and Sunday morning.

These latest surveys show once again that radio is doing well and that its great mobility works in its favor. In short, everything is going well! Hopefully our favorite animators don’t take any time off!

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