Channel 7HD sends “Little Girl Hundred Mike” to tie the hearts of fans.

Channel 7HD sends “Little Girl Hundred Mike” to tie the hearts of fans.
“Tel Tawan” guarantees the new heroine “Anna Gleaks” really cool.

Drama fans prepare their hearts to beat. Because the latest Channel 7HD sends a romantic comedy drama, a hundred mike girls from the Mongkhon Dee camp, a production by the organizer of Little-Tawan Jaruchinda to create happiness for the fans to enjoy the story and the sound. Music every Monday – Friday before the evening news.

By launching a new heroine Anna Glucks, opposite Bom-Pongsakorn Tosuwan, along with FIFA-Premonan Sripanich, Jada Intorre, along with another army of actors, including Nakinthorn, Phothipha, Chanapas Runghiratpraphakorn, Nawapaiboon Wutthananon, Tha Khanit, Thanya Manolihakul, Pamela Bowden, Taj Na Takuathung, Athiwat Sanit Wong Na Ayudhya, Kwanruedi Klomklom, Paphatsara Techapaiboon, Wittaya Jetaphai, Wence Falconer, Gift Chuanchuen, Donya Rattanathada, Yokyek Chernyim, Nawathan Thawat Wongdechakul, Dr. Nithinan Poonsawas, etc., and also has a sweet voice singer, Fon Thanasunthon, also made a cameo in this drama.

A little girl with a hundred mike from the script by Chaengpun Homchan, TV script by Chaengpun / Laniya / Kusolin / Richa, directed by Phuditprueksawan tells the story of La (Anna Gleaks), a young girl searching for her birthplace. along with pursuing the dream of becoming a singer The talent that was given to this little girl Become a leading singer along with causing the music industry to vibrate But to reach the path of success is not easy. both the story of the search for the truth of the birth And what will her dream path be? must follow in Hundred Mike girl

By Little, the drama organizer has opened up that “I thought I’d like to try doing a musical. Because it’s a drama style that I’ve never done before. Therefore, this drama project was born. For a hundred mike girls We’ve got a new heroine, Anna Glücks, to attend. In the story, he’ll have to sing a lot. Although he had no singing experience before. not a singer But I must say that the youngest is a very determined person. Therefore, before starting work, you have to study and practice for a long time. His intention made us see that he might do it. he is very serious In this story, you will be paired with Bom. Bom has worked with us before. Bommie’s experience made it possible when he was on set together. He will take good care of his younger brother. There is another couple in the drama. FIFA and Jada 2 This person gets along very well. And there’s a song that he has to sing too. And both of them are doing well too. In addition to the young actors, the fun of the Little Hundred Mike drama. There are also many senior singers, including P’ Taj, P’ Luk Nam, who everyone misses. which in addition to being able to see in the matter of the show There are also songs that he sang in the drama, including P’ Fon, who came to make a guest appearance as the mother of Anna too, I would like to invite everyone to follow. I believe that this drama will bring happiness. It’s an easy drama. The content is fun, including there are a lot of soundtracks for the drama, including famous songs that we are familiar with and new songs that we believe will definitely catch the audience’s ears.”

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Follow to watch the drama “Little Hundred Mike” every Monday – Friday at 6:45 p.m. Starting at the beginning, Monday 29 August on Channel 7HD, press 35 or watch it backwards on BUGABOO.TV.

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