‘Queen of Ssireum’ Choi Jeong-yoon “Ssireum has become a great vitality in my life”

(Photo = Choi Jung-yoon’s Instagram)
Choi Jeong-yoon (Photo=Choi Jeong-yoon’s Instagram)

[이데일리 스타in 조태영 인턴기자] Actor Choi Jeong-yoon expressed his feelings about appearing in the entertainment show ‘Queen of Ssireum’.

On the 29th, Choi Jung-yoon wrote on her Instagram, “I have no fear of starting something new.”

He continued, “Most of those things gave me new opportunities to learn and a sense of fulfillment, but sometimes a tsunami of deep regrets. At times, I struggled to the point where I was at a loss, and at other times I struggled with my own limitations.”

He said, “I always think about what’s wrong, do my own analysis, and try small things to see if I can get better by what I do,” he said.

Choi Jeong-yoon also said, “This is the same wrestling that I started now. When I first got a call from the author, I was like, ‘Wow! It’s gonna be fun. If I forget everything and work hard, my physical strength will get better,” he recalled.

He said, “Ssireum, which I started to improve my stamina, once again gave me a big setback as soon as I started recording, but strangely, it became a big energizing force in my life.”

Choi Jeong-yoon said, “Before appearing on the program, I did not move well except for my daughter’s schedule. Things that wouldn’t happen even when heaven and earth are open are happening because of this ‘Queen of Ssireum’.”

He continued, “I don’t think that miracles will happen because I work so hard, that I will win first place or make it to the quarterfinals or quarterfinals. “He said.

Finally, “Our goal is to enjoy wrestling without getting hurt,” he said. “I wrestle hard, build up my stamina, and travel happily with (daughter) Ji-woo, so that I try to make ‘life with me and Ji-woo’ beautiful one by one. I will,” he promised.

Choi Jeong-yoon is appearing in tvN Story and the ENA channel entertainment program ‘Queen of Wrestling’.

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