Raab: More funds for the labor market integration of migrants in the care sector

2023-05-24 07:13:08

Care reform brings an additional 1 million euros for projects that support migrants in integrating into the labor market

Vienna (OTS) “There are an enormous number of vacancies on the Austrian labor market and there is a desperate need for workers, especially in the nursing and care work. At the same time, many migrants are unemployed. Our aim is to support these people in integrating into the labor market as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re making an additional million euros available for projects that want to bring migrants into care with German courses and advice,” explains Integration Minister Susanne Raab.

The additional funds are primarily intended to benefit projects such as “migrants care”, which prepare migrants for training in the care and support sector through comprehensive advice and technical language and subject-specific lessons, in order to support their long-term integration into the Austrian labor market. “Migrants care”, which is a cooperation project between the largest support organizations for mobile care and support and the project partner Austrian Integration Fund, has been in place in Vienna since 2012, in Styria since 2015 and in Linz since 2021 and is now to be rolled out throughout Austria.

“It is important that immigrants take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Austrian labor market as quickly as possible, because the ability to survive is central to successful integration. We expect that the people who come to us and have access to the labor market will actively accept the offers and make their contribution to Austrian society. Many jobs can also be done with little knowledge of German and the language is best learned at work – this is exactly where projects like migrants care come in and we want to continue to promote and support that,” says Raab.

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