Racing Genk Dominates Belgian Football Youth Development: Statistics and Rankings

2023-10-14 20:00:00

The Robert Louis Dreyfus Academy and Neerpede are two training centers to which Belgian football owes a proud debt. But the omnipresence of Genk leaves Standard and Anderlecht a good distance away.

For a long time, the Anderlecht training centers and Standard competed over the distribution of the core of the different Belgian national youth teams. But today, the two rivals must admit defeat in the face of the stranglehold of Racing Genk in this matter.

The Belgian Football Stats Twitter account has thus calculated the distribution of training centers within our youth teams, from U15 and up to 21. And the observation is clear, Genk has 28 players involved in these different categories age, compared to 17 Standard and 15 to Anderlecht.

Figures that the Limburgers even increased to 32 by recalling the selection of four local U15s. Which would equal the cumulative red and purple figures. After the podium, we find the Club de Bruges (14) and La Gantoise (10), Charleroi following at a reasonable distance.

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