Rainy Start to Fall: What You Need to Know for the Tri-State Area

2023-09-21 07:24:46

What to know

After a week of near-perfect weather days, the tri-state area will get a tough welcome at the start of fall. The entire weekend is projected to be soggy, with some getting up to 3 inches of rain as the storms fade. The track The storm could still move slightly before this weekend.

NEW YORK — This weekend will mark the official start of fall, but don’t expect the skies to cooperate with any apple-picking or leaf-peeping plans of the season.

Saturday marks the start of the new season, and enough rain is expected to make it clear: summer is over. Conditions begin to deteriorate Friday night as a storm develops off the southeast coast.

Heavy rain could be more widespread or limited to coastal areas; Flooding is possible. Speaking of coastal areas, they could experience winds of up to 40 mph.

Anyone hoping for an easing of rain over the weekend should prepare for disappointment. The current forecast, which could still change slightly before the weekend, calls for rain throughout Sunday night.

Rainfall totals will be very light depending on the region, but those along the coast should be soggier as the storms fade. Estimates appear to bring 2 to 3 inches along parts of the Jersey Shore, while large swaths of New Jersey, New York City and surrounding suburbs, and Connecticut will receive 1 to 2 inches.

Some showers could linger into Monday (that’s still unclear), but conditions should dry out for the most part.

See the exclusive forecast for the next 10 days from The Authority in El Tiempo below:

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