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«Our position does not change, we have always said that Ukraine needed to be helped in every possible way, and we are doing so, but we have also always excluded direct intervention by our military in the conflict. There will be absolutely no Italian participation in a possible armed intervention.” The Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, spoke clear words in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Government representative Meloni draws a clear line on the alleged sending of Italian soldiers to Kiev: «Unlike others, we have in our system an explicit prohibition on direct military interventions, outside of what is provided for by the laws and the Constitution. We can only foresee armed interventions upon international mandate, for example in implementation of a UN resolution. The one hypothesized in Ukraine would not only not be included in this case, but would trigger a further spiraling of the conflict which would not be of benefit above all to the Ukrainians themselves. In short, the conditions for our direct involvement do not exist.”

If the Russians were to break through...: Macron raises the possibility of sending troops to Kiev

As for the words of French President Macron, “I don’t judge a president of a friendly country like France, but I don’t understand the purpose and usefulness of these declarations, which objectively raise tension.” A good beating to the number one of the Elysée.

Putin talks about the risk of escalation.  Macron and that slap to NATO

For Crosetto «if the Russians arrived in Kiev, if they conquered a sovereign country, if we took it for granted, like some self-styled experts and professors who were complacent towards Russia, and I wonder how one could be free…, that one could invade a another country just because it is stronger, it would be a disaster for everyone.” Therefore Italy will continue to “provide aid, as we have done so far, as long as it is useful and as long as we are able to do so”. «All countries can do something more in terms of aid, but above all we must believe and insist on diplomacy. We need to go back to forcing the hand of the UN, of Putin, at the Geneva conference. The Vatican can also resume its mediation. We must leave no stone unturned to reach a truce, even a single day without bombs is a result, because then it can become two, or three, or four…”, the final hope of the founder of Fratelli d’Italia in the conversation with Paola Di Caro.

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