Ranking High in Google Searches: The Fresque des Géantes Initiative by GSK France Raises Awareness on Gynecological Cancers

2023-09-05 05:00:08

Initiated by the GSK France laboratory, the Fresque des Géantes aims to highlight gynecological cancers to the general public and open up discussion on this subject.

Raising women’s awareness of gynecological cancers. This is the challenge that the GSK France laboratory by mounting the project La Fresque des Géantes. Throughout the month of September, around thirty hospitals will be able to discover this fresco, with its original design, which aims to open up discussion and exchange between women on gynecological cancers. The fresco was created by “La Renarde bouclée” an illustrator committed to inclusiveness and women’s health.

15,000 women diagnosed each year with gynecological cancer

While breast cancer and cervical cancer are the subject of awareness and screening programs each year, this is not the case for gynecological cancers. However, even if it is more misunderstood than other types of cancer, in France, 15,000 women are diagnosed each year with gynecological cancer. 8,200 of them are affected by endometrial cancer, 5,300 by ovarian cancer, and 3,159 by cancer of the cervix. By definition, gynecological cancers refer to all cancers that affect the female reproductive system. They are said to be “low” as opposed to “high” gynecological cancers which affect the breast.

A month of September dedicated to the mobilization against these cancers

The month of September is now dedicated to gynecological cancers to inform and mobilize women and more broadly the general public. This is what GSK France wanted to highlight through La Fresque des Géantes. Also, this fresco carries an invitation launched to the visitors to write messages of support to the patients directly on the panels or to stick personalized stickers. The fresco is accompanied by visuals that offer, among other things, examples of good reflexes to have in order to act.

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