Ranking the top 10 smartphones with the best mobile camera models “iPhone is not the number 1”

Which model is the top 10 smartphones? best camera

No. 1 Honor Magic4 Ultimate (42,000 baht)

2nd place iPhone 14 Pro (41,900 baht)

3rd place Huawei P50 Pro (33,900 baht)

4th place iPhone 13 Pro (35,900 baht)

5th place iPhone 13 Pro Max (39,900 baht)

6th place Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultimate (33,900 baht)

7th place Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ (47,500 baht)

8th place Xiaomi 12S Ultra (32,000 baht)

9th place Huawei Mate 40 Pro (34,900 baht)

10th place Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (39,900 baht)

source: dxomark.com

This proves that even older smartphones with better optics and customized software can perform better than newer smartphones. Plus, even cheaper phones can perform better than even more expensive smartphones.

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