RAOUL.E: the stylish brand to have in your dressing room

Franco-Belgian fashion brand launched in 2021, RAOUL.E was created by Léonie Maingret. Both masculine and feminine, the creations are up to date with their quality and durability.

Leonie Maingret

Léonie Maingret, creator of RAOUL.E

Minimalism and streetwear: the two watchwords

In tune with the times and unisex, the inclusive clothing line seduces us with its pieces with subtle and minimalist cuts and details, inspired by the wardrobe. streetwear. Jackets, suits, or even joggers are available in palettes of neutral tones that can be worn timelessly and by everyone. Sharing her clothes with those of her husband for years, this practical, ecological and economical approach was therefore obvious to Léonie. The brand also adapts to all ages. “I imagine my daughter with the belted t-shirt and a pair of Vans in a few years. And my stepson ordered the training set for Christmas. It touches me and proves to me that I am going in the right direction” confides the designer to us.

A family legacy

RAOUL.E refers to the first name of Léonie’s mother and makes significant sense of the values ​​conveyed by the brand. Both simple and powerful, this family nod reminds the designer of her mother’s attention to detail for quality pieces. “She has an eye and has always known how to dress very well according to the circumstances. She doesn’t eat fast fashion either because she always tells herself that she has something better in her closet.”. Possessing quality clothes in her dressing room to pass them on between generations, that is Léonie’s desire. In addition to this material transmission, it is a real transmission of history over time that is done through its brand.



Leonie’s mother

Be well dressed, sustainably

Designed to be as eco-responsible as possible, the collections are entirely produced in Europe, from fabric manufacturing to packaging, with a high level of certified textile quality requirements. Beautiful materials, finishes and cuts at honest and fair prices, that’s what best defines RAOUL.E. “Changing our habits and rehabilitating takes time but it is worth it; it is both essential for the environment and also gratifying to own a piece that symbolizes know-how”.

The collection is up for grabs on raoul-e.com.


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