Rape Case- Thrissur School of Drama teacher arrested

Teacher arrested for molesting student at Thrissur School of Drama Dr S Sunil Kumar was arrested by the Thrissur West police. He was caught hiding in a friend’s house in Kannur this morning. The students had said that the strike would continue till the teacher was arrested. The university had suspended S Sunil Kumar, dean of the School of Drama, after he registered an FIR for torture.

Meanwhile, actress Divya Gopinath has come out with allegations that Sunil has already misbehaved with female students. The allegation was made by sharing messages sent by Sunil Kumar on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, the WCC also came out in support of the students. The WCC wrote on Facebook that the issue was “serious” and highlighted the need for an internal compliance committee in the arts.

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A first-year drama graduate student was allegedly harassed by Sunil Kumar for abusing his official position. During the orientation class, the temporary teacher misbehaved with the complaining student. The girl then lodged a complaint with the School of Drama Grievance Cell. Then the teacher Sunil Kumar came with moral support for the girl. According to the complaint, S Sunilkumar later took advantage of the friendship and molested the girl. Meanwhile, the girl had tried to commit suicide.

Story Highlights: Rape Case- Thrissur School of Drama teacher arrested

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