“Raquel Argandoña Wears Sensational “Jacqueline Jacket”: Find Inspiration and Purchase Details on Our Entertainment Website”

2023-05-02 03:58:44


raquel argandoña He usually posts daily content for his followers. Leave motivational messages and delight your social community with different ‘looks’. Her Instagram profile is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who want new ideas for their outfits. Recently, the figure of TV Más released a jacket that caused a sensation among his fans. Not only did it protect from the cold, but it also looked great on the body with a bright color.

It belongs to the brand “ELLESSE CL”. On the store’s official website it is found under the title “Jacqueline Jacket” and is sold for 48,993 pesos. It offers a parka-type design with a hood, patch pockets on the front and ‘soft’ recycled padding. Its fabric is characterized by providing softness and lightness to whoever wears it. The famous raquel argandoña she found a great ally in this exquisite garment, which helped her leave a powerful message to her community.

Source: (Ellesse website).

“A self-confident woman.”

“A self-confident woman dresses with strength and dignity”, he exposed raquel argandoña. As expected, the members of Instagram did not take long to reflect on her words, expressing their agreement with the concept coined by the presenter of “As is”.

Source: (Raquel Argandoña’s Instagram).

He has learned a lot with your advice.” and “I share your message”, are some of the dedications that can be read on his Instagram profile.

Source: (Raquel Argandoña’s Instagram).

Raquel Argandoña, always attentive to her fans

There was no shortage of those who complimented raquel argandoña for modeling the garment of the aforementioned firm. In fact, the media took the time, as usual, to respond to many of her followers who wanted to know how to purchase the product.

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