Raspberry Pi CEO promises millions of units for the coming months

2023-06-02 18:30:00

Or CEO from Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton, provided an update on Raspberry Pi stock levels. It looks like things are on the up, possibly up to a million units a month, thanks to a little help from Sony.

On a bulletin, Upton detailed some information about the supply of Raspberry Pi. The first quarter of 2023 was the worst for the company since 2015, with around 800,000 units sold, as more units are usually shipped to market.

The reason for this number was in part due to the postponement of production to December 2022, with the aim of providing more units to manufacturers and dealers over the holiday period.

However, from now on, things should improve thanks to the support of longtime partner Sony, who managed to stock the “silicon-free elements from our bill of materials” and that means that the Raspberry Pi and Sony were able to produce more units.

Sales projections for May 2023 were 600,000 units, with an expectation of 800,000 units in June, but by July 2023 the Raspberry Pi expects to reach 1 million units per month by the time it takes to clear the remaining backlog.

We can expect to see more Raspberry Pi in stock. Older boards like the Raspberry Pi 3A+ and the Zero line are already well stocked, but others like the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W it’s at Compute Module 4 are still hard to find.

Raspberry Pi 4 inventory is improving, with pockets of availability stretching into hours and days rather than minutes. It is worth mentioning that Raspberry is known worldwide for producing the smallest computer in the world: the Raspberry Pi.

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