Ready-to-use Mulino Bianco pancakes are stolen: how much they cost

In conjunction with Shrove Tuesday, the 16 February it was the world pancake day. The Mulino White, a company owned by Barilla, took the opportunity to launch its new product: ready-to-use pancakes. They immediately went like hot cakes: but how much do they cost?

The ready-to-use Mulino Bianco pancakes are on sale: how much they cost

Pancakes are typical American sweets, we often see them devoured for breakfast by the protagonists of Hollywood films. Perhaps also thanks to this they are still consumed in Europe, including Italy. From a research Nielsen, commissioned by Barilla, it emerged that over 4 million Italians eat pancakes, especially in families with children.

84% said they had breakfast with pancakes mainly at home and it is also for this reason that the Mulino White decided to launch the product. The new pancakes, just arrived on the supermarket shelves, are sold out: they are ready to use, but the advice is to heat them before filling them.

In each package there are 8 pancakes in 4 single portions of 2: each pancake weighs 35 grams and contains 5.8 grams of fat and 127 calories. The (minimum) price of each pack is 2,49 euro.

The ready-to-use Mulino Bianco pancakes are on sale: how much they cost

Mulino Bianco pancakes ready to use, Facebook page

The pancake recipe: how they are made

But what’s in Mulino Bianco pancakes? The company explained that they are made with flour, sugar, eggs from free-range hens and 100% fresh Italian milk. No palm oil, no preservatives or dyes. They can be filled with salty condiments (for example cheese and ham) or with jams and creams such as honey, maple syrup and chocolate.

How do they eat them Italians? Five out of 10 (51%) prefer them at the weekend, for breakfast (73%), but also during the afternoon snack (40%). Among pancake toppings lovers, 90% prefer only sweet ingredients and fruit: cocoa, chocolate or hazelnut spreads (65%); jams / marmalades (54%); maple syrup (41%) and honey (28%).

In North America they are preferred instead with maple syrup, while in Kingdom United next to fried eggs and bacon. The ‘Italian’ version, as mentioned, instead provides sweeter flavors: jams, honey, and hazelnut spreads.


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