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2023-07-09 10:45:00

July 9, 2023 at the “Smart SME EXPO 2023” Hall 7-8, Impact Muang Thong Thani. Best Business Franchise Show of the Year Ms. Darunee Seng-iam from THE BEYOND ESTATE gave a lecture on “Real Estate Investment Tricks to be worthwhile without having to take care of it” can be summarized as follows

Nowadays, the trend of investing to let investments work for us or passive income is gaining popularity continuously. But investing in houses and condos for rent It is still a traditional form of creating passive income because it has to find tenants and manage all by yourself. causing waste of time and tiredness with management The trend of real estate investment in 2023 has changed as follows.
• People prefer to rent rather than buy.
• Investors want to invest in projects that meet personalize needs.
• Choose a location that is really useful.
• Have a brand to help manage and take care of.
• Conditions are buy back at the end of the contract.

For this reason, it makes investing in the form of Investment Property, also known as IP, becoming more popular. Because real estate developers will design this type of investment since the beginning of the project. It is a project that has been designed specifically for investment. In order to benefit investors to get the most worthwhile benefits such as investing in hotels and serviced apartments. Importantly, the initial investment is not very high, starting at only 500,000 baht, but receiving consistent returns. short investment period Receive 100% of the principal back
Criteria for choosing to invest in real estate
1. Credibility of the project developer
2. Be careful in choosing a location. must be really useful
3. Conditions must meet investment needs
4. Risks and rewards such as project developer credit interest rate and liquidity risk Therefore, choosing to invest in a project with guaranteed buyback will help reduce the risk.

For the business franchise event of the year, the 9th Smart SME EXPO 2023 has packed more than 250 business franchise booths with the promotion of the year. Special with the famous street food zone The cafe zone invites you to take pictures at check-in. Seminar to provide knowledge, free vocational training Negotiate business matching both domestically and internationally. The event continues between 6-9 July 2023 at Hall 7-8, Impact Muang Thong Thani.

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