Really cool!! Coach Yong chooses Channarong-Wiider Cher for the best performance in the Dubai Cup 2022

“Coach Yong” Worawut Srimaka, the head coach of the Thai national team, not over 23 years old, reveals that Channarong Promsrikaew and William Wider Cher’s best performance at the Dubai Cup

“Coach Yong” Worawut Srimaka, the Thai national team coach, under 23 years old, chose Channarong Promsrikaew and William Wilderje as the two players with the best developments in the Dubai Cup. 2022 Aims to use over-age players in SEA Games

After the War Elephants, the Thai national team, under 23 years old, just finished their mission in the special football tournament “Dubai Cup 2022” with a total of 3 defeats, with the first match losing 0-1 to Qatar, the second match. lost to China 2-4 and lost to Iraq 1-2 by small war elephants There is a program to hunt for football gold medals at the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam between May 12-23, including the 2022 AFC U-23 Football Championship finals in Uzbekistan. Between 1-19 June

Recently, “Coach Yong” Worawut Srimaka, the Thai national team coach. Under 23 years old has revealed through the media about the players who perform well in the Dubai Cup and have the opportunity to continue to build on that team. “First, I would like to choose Channarong Promsrikaew because the fact that he has been playing in the Spanish Liga 4 has helped to raise the team. Because playing football in Asia The physical and mental state is very important.”

“The other would choose William Wilderje. Although it is his first time playing for the Thai national team, William has been training football properly since in Sweden. When he came to play with us, he was very easy to play. You don’t even have to adjust anything. Both physically and football speed”

At the same time, coach Yong also mentioned the preparation of the Luis Sea Games team. Which can use the quota over the age of 3 people saying, “Now we have to look at that. If our team lacks a lot of main characters, we have to look for people to add to the missing points. Because it really helps the team. Our team has a lot of defensive problems, this defender is very important.”

For the 2021 SEA Games will be played in Vietnam. Between 6-23 May 2022 in the men’s football section There will be a lottery draw on April 6th.

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