Recognizes medical interns who request vaccination

Monterrey.- The Secretary of Health of Nuevo León, Manuel de la O, said that he is aware of the letter prepared by a group of medicine interns, in which they express disagreement for not being included in the anticovid vaccination strategy.

The state official indicated that he is aware that they deserve the vaccine, as well as the entire population.

“Yes, I am aware of the letter you mention from the medicine interns that they want vaccines, and that if they don’t include them, they won’t work in our institutions. ”

“I know the behavior of young people, I respect it, I help them when I can, many of them are my godchildren, they deserve the vaccine, of course they deserve the vaccine, like all New Leonese,” he declared at a press conference.

On the other hand, the Nuevo León Health Minister stated that people who study the branch of medicine must have a vocation and service.

He also commented that it is a profession that carries many risks.

“When you study medicine you have a vocation to serve, to help others, to serve, to even risk your life to care for the lives of others.

“It is a risk, we have a great profession, male and female doctors, for me the best profession in the world; if I went back to studying something, I would go back to studying medicine,” he said.

De la O joined the call of the medicine interns, to seek its integration in the anticovid vaccination strategy.

On the other hand, he asked for their help to maintain the fight against the pandemic.

“You have to look for the vaccine, but the vast majority of you are young, you do not have comorbidity, you have to help, today we are at war,” he said.

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