Record-breaking Heat Wave: Hottest Week Ever Confirmed by World Meteorological Organization

2023-07-10 16:37:35

Preliminary data published by the World Meteorological Organization on Monday showed that the first week of July is the hottest week ever.

“The world has just witnessed the hottest week on record, according to preliminary data,” the World Meteorological Organization said in a statement, after climate change and the early stages of the El Niño phenomenon caused last June to be the hottest month on record.

The data is the latest in a series of records since the start of the year, including drought in Spain and extreme heat waves in China and the United States.

The World Meteorological Organization confirmed that temperatures are about to exceed record levels on land and in the oceans, with “potentially devastating effects on ecosystems and the environment.”

Christopher Hewitt, director of climate services at the organization, said, “We are in the unknown, and more record levels can be expected to be exceeded with the development of the El Niño phenomenon, and these effects will extend until 2024.”

“This is disturbing news for the world,” he added.

The World Meteorological Organization indicated that it had adopted various data from partners around the world.

In turn, the “Copernicus” service for climate monitoring in Europe told “Agence France Presse” that its data showed that it was likely to be the hottest week since the start of documenting temperatures in 1940.

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