Recovery Journey: The Rosemont Member’s Hip Replacement Surgery and Rehabilitation

2023-10-28 23:21:32

The Rosemont member for Québec solidaire in the National Assembly announced late Saturday that he had left the hospital eight days after undergoing an operation to replace both of his hips.

“I was initially given the idea of ​​day surgery; then: we keep you for the weekend and, lo and behold, I just got out of the hospital after… 8 days. It’s good to see the [soleil]», he published on Saturday on X.

The politician announced on his Facebook page on October 20 that he had undergone surgery to replace both of his hips.

“Here I am now equipped with new equipment, but before going to show off this new hardware in the streets of Rosemont or at the National Assembly, I will have to subject myself to a convalescence, the duration of which I do not know at the moment nor the requirements. », He then warned, anticipating a forced rest of a few weeks, at best.

He should then “gradually resume certain activities” from his home. Meanwhile, his constituency office remains open.

It is Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, member of Parliament for Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne for Québec solidaire, who replaces Mr. Marissal during his absence.

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Vincent Marissal had also told QUB radio, in November 2022, that he had already been waiting for more than a year, deploring the additional waiting time to have an operation in a public clinic and thus save on the price of the intervention.

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