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For many people, “file backup” has always been a headache. Whether you are backing up computer files or mobile phone photos, the manual backup steps are usually very cumbersome, and often because you do not develop the habit of regular backups, often The most important one is just not ready; and cloud backup, which has been popular in recent years, has concerns about privacy leaks such as private personal photos and confidential work data.

But now, Synology has launched a new BeeDrive, which is like a bee collecting data from your mobile phone, computer and other devices, centrally manages your data, and maintains Synology’s consistent UI interface and easy-to-use software. In addition to being simple and easy to use, it can also take into account personal privacy. Whether it is computer data or mobile phone photo memories, BeeDrive mobile backup Xiaomi Mishu can be backed up quickly and easily for us.

This time, Addict Agent won 5 sets of Synology BeeDrive as a gift for everyone. As long as qualified friends participate in the essay competition experience, they can take away 1 set of Synology BeeDrive 1TB (market value 5,590 yuan) for free, and the top three can also get an additional SOGO Gift certificates!

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Four functions of Synology BeeDrive at a time

In terms of design, Synology BeeDrive has a built-in high-speed SSD in 1TB and 2TB specifications. The speed can reach up to 1050MB per second. In addition to the high-speed access of SSD, it can also be accessed through the USB Type-C interface and devices, so there is no need to worry about large file transfers.

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The body of BeeDrive is round, cute and easy to carry. In addition, BeeDrive is also quite reliable and can be dropped up to 2 meters.

▲Synology BeeDrive is small and compact, only the size of a palm can be taken with you at any time.

BeeDrive not only looks light and cute, but also has four main functions. Friends who participate in the essay writing experience, also remember to use the four major functions to experience the following useful functions. *Currently only supports Windows operating system, iOS and Android operating system, and it is expected to add support for macOS operating system by the end of this year (2023).

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1. Simply connect to the computer and back up

Just install the BeeDrive application on the computer first, select the folders to be backed up, and the automatic backup will start immediately after connecting to BeeDrive.

As for these folders, any changes will be immediately backed up to BeeDrive, and up to 5 versions are kept, so that you can go back at any time, and you are not afraid of accidentally deleting them.

▲The first operation only needs to connect to the computer and install the application, and then the BeeDrive can be automatically backed up after connecting to the computer.

▲You can choose the folder you want to back up by yourself

▲Up to five versions of changes can be retained

2. Quickly back up phone photo memories wirelessly

If you often take photos and videos with your mobile phone, the most troublesome thing is that you encounter insufficient capacity, you are reluctant to delete them, and you don’t want to pay for public cloud backup. At this time, BeeDrive can effectively solve this problem.

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By connecting to BeeDrive via Wi-Fi, the photos and videos on the mobile phone can be backed up easily and quickly, even though the mobile phone has limited storage space.

▲ Through WiFi, BeeDrive can quickly back up photos and videos in the phone

The automatic backup experience is actually similar to the iCloud automatic backup on the iPhone. It can transfer the backup in the background seamlessly without affecting the use of the mobile phone.

▲After backing up the photos and videos of the mobile phone, you can click “Release Space” to release the limited mobile phone space

▲BeeDrive supports “focused backup mode”, which keeps backup in the foreground and achieves uninterrupted backup.

3. Multi-device file synchronization, free shuttle between home and office

As the boundaries of modern people’s work fields become more and more blurred, mixed work at home and in the office has gradually become the norm. BeeDrive can also synchronize file changes across computers, and can have the same work progress on different computers. No need to worry about where you go, you can work seamlessly at any time, effectively improving work efficiency.

▲ Different computers can also have the same file progress

4. Windows system can also Airdrop lost files! BeeDrop makes it super convenient to transfer files wirelessly between your devices

If you are a Windows user, maybe you have also envied MacOS users, who can freely use AirDrop to transfer files directly between mobile phones and computers, and now BeeDrive can also fulfill your wishes.

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BeeDrive provides the BeeDrop function, whether you are an iPhone or an Android phone, you can directly transfer files and photos to a Windows computer, and easily complete the file transfer through BeeDrop.

▲Easily upload photos or files to the computer through the BeeDrop function

▲After uploading, the computer will automatically jump out of the BeeDrop folder, and you can access the desired photos or files, saving time and convenience!

File management matters, let Synology BeeDrive back up Xiaomi Books to help you

Synology BeeDrive Mobile Backup MiBook: Explore the World Freely, Save Memories Safely

BeeDrive is plug-and-play with a computer, and its intuitive and easy-to-use software and mobile app suite is perfect for users who want to backup without thinking but don’t have an ideal solution.

In addition, the four major functions of instant backup of computer folders, wireless backup of mobile phone photos, synchronization of file progress on different computers, and BeeDrop for convenient file transfer can already meet the needs of the general public for file storage, backup, and transmission!
On the whole, BeeDrive has more convenience and privacy than storage, redefines storage and backup products, and allows you to save your work and memories safely while you explore the world freely.

BeeDrive product official website:

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*Currently, BeeDrive only supports Windows operating system, iOS and Android operating system, and it is expected to support macOS operating system by the end of this year (2023).

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