Red Bull Honda F1 Max Verstappen “This year’s title pursuit does not sacrifice 2022″[F1-Gate .com]

Red Bull Honda F1 Max Verstappen doesn’t think the team is “compromise” in 2022 to win this year’s F1 title.

F1 is set to make a major regulation change in 2022, and the majority of F1 teams will switch focus next year.

Mercedes F1 team representative Toto Wolff said his team would not upgrade their car this season, even though Max Verstappen won the F1 Styrian Grand Prix and was further behind in the championship. I’m checking. (Later denied by James Allison)

Max Verstappen leads Lewis Hamilton 18 points in the Drivers’ Championship and Red Bull Honda has shown a turnaround in recent rounds, winning four straight wins and leading the Consuit Tractors Championship by 40 points. There is.

The Red Bull Honda F1 is still bringing updates to the 2021 car-RB16B-, but Max Verstappen doesn’t think this approach will undermine the chances of success in future seasons.

“Of course, I don’t know what’s going on with the other teams. We know we’re improving the car in almost every race. This is because we have a good opportunity to have a good season. I think it’s very important, “Max Verstappen said after winning the Red Bull Ring on Sunday.

“I trust the people on the team. I trust 100% next year. I haven’t seen such a compromise so far. Of course, I’ll see what happens next year over time. But I fully agree with this season’s approach. “

F1 will return to the Red Bull Ring for the F1 Austrian Grand Prix this weekend, but Max Verstappen is looking for further improvements.

“We have a very good package, but every track is different and we want to see it every weekend,” added Max Verstappen.

“It’s still important to find the perfect setup for the machine, because it can be very sensitive in some areas to make it work. It’s never enough, so I always do it every weekend. I’m trying to improve. “

“It looks great, and even a weekend like this that won by a wide margin isn’t enough, so we’ll look into the details of what we can improve anyway. When we go to other tracks, it’s like today again. I don’t think it will be

“We have to stay very focused on what we have to do. So far, we’re very happy with how it’s going, but as I said, it’s never. Not enough ”

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