Release Schedule Preman Retirement 6, New Chapter of Kang Mus Cs’s Life Begins

SURYA.CO.ID – Here is the show schedule Thugs Retired 6, soap operas starring Epy Kusnandar and tells the life of a former terminal thug.

In soap operas Thugs Retired 6, a new chapter in the life of Kang Mus Cs begins.

Reported from the Instagram account @premanpensiun.mncp, Kang Mus and his friends just greeted soap opera fans Thugs Retired at Tegallega Field, Bandung, West Java.

This activity also promotes soap operas Thugs Retired 6 which will soon appear on the small screen.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation regarding the broadcast schedule Thugs Retired 6.

However, if you look at some of the netizens’ comments on the latest upload of @premanpensiun.mncp, the soap opera Thugs Retired 6 is predicted to be broadcast every day in the afternoon.

“It’s like every day, it’s like an Ojek Pengkolah Tukang. But just wait for it”

Other netizens also agree that soap operas Thugs Retired 6 shows not late at night.

“Hopefully Thugs Retired 6 shows not at night.”

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