Remembering Lorena Velázquez: Mexican Actress Dies at 86

2024-04-12 03:53:00

The Mexican actress Lorena Velázquez died at the age of 86, as reported by the National Association of Actors (ANDA). She was part of the Mexican show business and participated in films from 1964 to 2020.

“The National Association of Actors deeply regrets the death of our colleague Lorena Velázquez. Our condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. Rest in Peace,” the ANDA account shared on its social networks.

El Hijo del Santo shared a message of condolence, where he lamented the death of the actress, who was highlighted in Mexican Golden Cinema with films such as: Santo vs Las mujeres vampire (1962)

“I deeply regret the death of the beautiful and beloved first actress Lorena Velázquez, companion and friend of my father El Santo and of me, considered the queen of Fantastic Cinema. A hug to her son Eduardo, family and friends,” she wrote on her X account.

What did Lorena Velázquez die from?

Until now, the reasons for the death of the actress, who participated in various films alongside the iconic Mexican wrestler of the 20th century, El Santo, are unknown.

No member of her family has given information about the death of the actress, who was also part of the National Association of Interpreters.

“The National Association of Interpreters announces the sensitive death of the interpreter partner Lorena Velázquez. She is an actress from the golden age of Mexican cinema with an extensive career in theater, film and television. We send our condolences to her family and friends,” Andi shared on her social networks.

Who was Lorena Velázquez, Vampire Woman actress?

Lorena Velázquez was considered the queen of ‘Fantastic Cinema’, she was born in Mexico City on December 15, 1937 and had a son, Eduardo Novoa Villar.

The Mexican actress debuted in 1956 in the film Caras Nuevas, her performance gave her a path to the world of beauty and in 1960 she was named ‘Miss Mexico’.

Although she thought about participating in the Miss Universe pageant, she declined the offer, as she had the filming of Estafa de Amor, Fray Don Juan, and Cinco Mil Dólares de Recompensa.

Movies by Lorena Velázquez

  • a new world
  • The Puma
  • Ladies’ bedroom
  • Saint Against Vampire Women
  • Saint against the zombies
  • new faces
  • Diana the huntress
  • A clean shot
  • Tin tan and the models
  • The Life of Agustín Lara

During her last years as an actress she participated in different soap operas and Mexican television projects, such as:

  • Woman real life cases
  • The privilege of loving
  • My little naughty
  • Veil
  • Friends and rivals
  • Iron soul
  • ruby

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