Remembering Quan Quan: Tribute to a Well-Known Political Commentator and Columnist

2023-11-08 06:31:45

News of the death of well-known political commentator and columnist Quan Quan was reported. The person in charge of the official website of Quan Quan Prediction Camp, surnamed Guo, confirmed today that Quan Quan passed away due to cardiovascular disease in the early morning of the 6th at the age of 68.

Well-known writer Guang Chang passed away on the 6th at the age of 68. (Central News Agency file photo) (CNA)

The person in charge surnamed Guo said that Jiangsu had a history of cardiovascular disease in the past and had some stents installed. The last time he saw Fan Quan was on the 5th. At that time, Fan Quan was in good condition and had arranged many interviews and other related trips. Unexpectedly, he died suddenly of cardiovascular disease at home on the 6th.

The official website of the Quan Quan Frontier Preparatory Camp announced today that Quan Quan passed away peacefully at home due to cardiovascular disease at 1 a.m. on the 6th at the age of 68.

The family will adhere to the scope of their last wishes and there will be no official memorial service, no mourning hall, no farewell ceremony, and no floral gifts. They will only leave messages of condolence on the official website.

The official website mentions that the category has been engaged in philosophical thinking for many years. Over the years, it has promoted unique ideas such as “Taiwan’s Three Spirits of the People”, “The Communist Party of China is not equal to China”, and “Taiwan’s 12-Character Formula”, which have received responses from all walks of life. It also has a unique “Taiwanology” “Taiwan Studies” concept.

Range was born in 1955. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy of National Taiwan University and received a Master of Philosophy from Columbia University. He has successively started his own business in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, China and other places. He has long written political and social commentary for Asian media, and his political commentary has been influential on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. He has been observing cross-strait and international situations for many years, and his books such as “Talk about Taiwan and China with Xi Jinping” have attracted attention from all walks of life.

(Editor-in-Chief: Zhuang Qianyu)

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