Ren Xianqi meets fans at the concert

2023-05-29 13:27:15

When ordering a song, a female fan revealed that a life was saved because of Ren Xianqi’s (right) donation. (Reposted from Mammoth news screen, provided by Shangri-La Music)

Actor Ren Xianqi debuted for 32 years and became popular in China with songs such as “The Heart is Too Soft” and “Look at the Girl Opposite”. He recently held a concert tour. On the 28th, Shenyang, Liaoningsong link, a 23-year-old female fan appeared to recognize him, and revealed that Ren Xianqi had “life-saving grace” to her. This fan suffered from congenital heart disease when he was more than 1 year old, and received donation from Ren Xianqi to undergo surgery to cure it. The rare fate surprised Ren Xianqi on stage, and the audience also shouted warmly.

At Ren Xianqi’s Shenyang concert on the 28th, a 23-year-old female fan shared in the song request session. She expressed in a coquettish tone that she had known Ren Xianqi for 22 years. She suffered from congenital heart disease when she was more than 10 years old. At that time, the family was in financial difficulties and could not seek medical treatment immediately. It was Ren Xianqi who extended a helping hand to help her.


A female fan showed a photo of being held in the arms of Ren Xianqi when she was 1 year old. (Reposted from Mammoth news screen)

The female fan said: “You were on the way to Shenyang to hold a concert, and you saw the news from “Times Business Daily”, and then donated 30,000 yuan (about NT$130,000) to me, so that I could do it. Surgery.” The relatives beside him also took out the newspapers of the year as evidence, and the girl’s story aroused cheers from the audience, while Ren Xianqi, who was far away on the stage, couldn’t believe it, and his surprised expression was captured on the big screen and shouted: “You I have grown up so much!” I couldn’t hide my surprise at the fruition of the kind deeds back then.


A female fan showed a photo of being held in the arms of Ren Xianqi when she was 1 year old. (Reposted from Mammoth news screen)

The female fans expressed their gratitude to Ren Xianqi for ordering the song “Don’t Change”: “I hope the love between the two of us will not change, and the great love in the world will not change.” This video was circulated on the Internet, and many people praised Ren Xianqi for his good deeds. As everyone knows, apart from his enthusiasm for public welfare, he also has a lot of troubles with his friends. In the past, Takeshi Kaneshiro borrowed a car from him and parked it in a paid parking space to return to Japan. To return the car, he saw the sky-high parking fee when pulling the car. It was said that the car would not be enough to pay the parking fee, but he didn’t care, and said “good friends are each other”.

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