“Windows 11 now supports RAR compressed files – No need for third-party apps”

2023-05-29 07:33:06

Microsoft (Microsoft) Windows 11 users originallyWhen you want to open 7-zip, RAR and other compressed files that are not zip files, you must download a third-party decompression application to open the file normally. However, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 11 will support RAR compressed files. As a result, the decompression application “WinRAR” complained, “We are quite surprised that it took 30 years to realize the technology of processing RAR files.”

▲ Microsoft Windows 11 system will support RAR compressed files. (Schematic / Shutterstock)

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, many software will use the RAR format to reduce capacity, but Microsoft’s Windows system itself does not support it, so most Windows users will definitely install WinRAR and other decompression applications to create compressed files or run unzip.

In this regard, Microsoft announced at the Build 2023 developer conference on the 24th that in the future, users can directly right-click the file on the Windows 11 system and select “Unzip” from the menu to decompress RAR, 7-zip, and TAR. , GZ and other file types that use libarchive open source technology, but if users want to make decompressed files such as RAR format, they still have to download a third-party application to do so.

WinRAR officials said that they are “honoured” by Microsoft’s actions. This move will not only make RAR compressed files more popular, but also provide high convenience for users who are not familiar with WinRAR. We were quite surprised by how long it took to support RAR files, and we wondered if Microsoft would consider adding a RAR engine in the next 30 years?”

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