Reprimand China for not keeping its promises!US Secretary of Commerce: Beijing authorities block domestic airlines from purchasing aircraft from the US | Anue Ju Heng-US stocks

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo (Gina Raimondo) said on Tuesday (28th) that the Chinese government is preventing domestic airlines from buying tens of billions of dollars from the United States.DollarAmerican aircraft.

Raimondo stated that China did not abide by its commitment to purchase goods from the United States, which is a trade agreement reached between China and the previous government in 2020.

She mentioned in the Q&A time after a speech in Washington, “I don’t know if Boeing’s people are here…. China Airlines wants to buy tens of billions of dollars.DollarBut the Chinese government is blocking it. “

She said: “The Chinese need to abide by the rules. We must force them to take responsibility.”

Boeing (BA-US) The company and the Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately comment.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun urged the US government in March to separate human rights and other disputes from Sino-US trade relations. Calhoun said at the time: “I hope we can separate intellectual property, human rights and other things from trade, and continue to encourage a free trade environment between these two major economic giants. We cannot afford to be turned away from the market.”

Boeing slightly revised its forecast for China’s aircraft demand in the next 20 years last week, betting that China will rebound rapidly from the new crown epidemic, as well as the future growth of its low-cost airline sector and e-commerce.

By the end of 2040, Chinese airlines will need 8,700 new aircraft, which is 1.2% more than the previous forecast of 8,600 aircraft manufactured last year.Boeing stated that these aircraft would be worth 1.47 trillion at the listed price.Dollar

After Boeing’s second-degree crash, China’s aviation authority was the first regulator to ground the 737 MAX and has not yet approved the aircraft to resume service in China. Boeing 1/4 aircraft orders come from China.

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