Resident Evil 1 Remake: What Changes Can Fans Expect and How to Make the Game Even More Terrifying!

2024-04-09 09:00:28

With the increasing popularity of remake games, re-releasing Resident Evil 1 has become a dream for many horror game fans. Since its release in 1996, Resident Evil 1 has enjoyed a special place in the hearts of players, and contributed to establishing the core of horror and survival games and leaving an indelible mark on the world of video games. .

With a company advertisement Capcom About her work on more remake games After the success of many parts of the classic series over the past few years, fans of the survival horror series are increasingly eager to see their original games come to life again, and among the most anticipated and requested games are Resident Evil 1 and Code Veronica, and even Dino Crisis does not Excluded from this.

Aside from the level of graphics and visual elements expected from Capcom, come with us as we highlight the changes we expect in the Resident Evil 1 remake at the level of story, map, and gameplay, if it is announced!

1- Hiding from zombies and monsters in dark places

It would be interesting if players could hide in the dark corners of the palace from various types of threats, including “Hunters” monsters or even zombies. Imagine yourself hiding in one of the corners of the dark rooms to wait for one of the zombies to pass by you, or let’s say one of the Hunters’ monsters until… Open the door and leave the room if you don’t want to waste ammo.

There is no doubt that such a mechanism will add more fun to the style of play and the choices that players can make in critical situations or when they run out of ammunition until they return to the safety room and obtain ammunition or another weapon.

Expanding the Spencer Palace and adding a third floor and new areas!

We all remember the great fun in searching for the keys to the doors of the Spencer Palace, including the key to the sword, shield, helmet, and shield. What if the fun was doubled by increasing the size of the building and the number of its rooms and their special keys!

What if the large stairs in the main hall gave you the ability to reach a third floor, and a few basements filled with various ferocious biological threats, while greatly expanding the main hall, or adding a building next to the palace servants that you would need to cross through the dark forest to bring a key or some tool in the middle? Scary sounds in the grass, and escape from the zombie dogs that will chase you in the forest until you reach him.

The ability to go up to the roof will add an amazing part to the exploration, especially if players can see many of the facilities adjacent to the Spencer Palace that they need to go to later, such as the palace guard’s house filled with giant mutant plants, the hovercraft landing pad, and more.

A larger number of survivors are inside the palace rooms

Having survivors tell you what really happened in the palace to add more of an element of fear, and telling you about a huge biological threat wandering around the palace, Verdugo’s monster resembling Ramon Salazar’s right-hand man who haunts us nightmarishly in the cellars of the castle in Resident Evil 4, will in turn carry more of an element of horror. And tension as you explore the palace rooms, for sure.

In fact, delving into the stories of the survivors and the horrors they witnessed in the underground Umbrella laboratories and learning more about the details of what happened there is something that is greatly desired by fans of the series, and perhaps Capcom will respond to their desire and finally fulfill one of their dreams for them, especially the death of scientist John Habib “Ida Wong.” The former, and perhaps we will finally be able to see him sacrifice his life in order to save her and get her out of the laboratory before it is too late, for example.

More encounters with the giant snake

The appearance of the giant snake in the original first part and the remake that was first released for the GameCube was limited to two confrontations, short and final only. What if the snake could follow you and try to surprise you in many of the dark rooms and corners of the palace in the new remake?!

What about her transformation into a completely new, more ferocious body after death and her fighting in her second stage of development, resembling scarlet-headed zombies? This must add new magic to the iconic confrontation, especially if she kills a number of survivors every time she appears.

A multiplayer mode to fortify and defend inside Spencer’s Palace

There is no doubt that many of us still remember Resident Evil Outbreak. Imagine going through such an experience through a group play mode in the Spencer Palace and cooperating with other players in defending and fortifying inside the massive building from the various biological threats that have appeared in the game and which will attack the palace from many aspects that… You wouldn’t think of anything like windows, tunnels, basements, and even climbing the walls and coming through the balcony doors surrounding the second floor of the palace.

In addition to the possibility of closing some windows with nails temporarily to defend yourself and your team until the helicopter arrives that will take you out of this hell, or perhaps adding an endless survival mode, to compete with other players and see who is the most competent player to last the longest possible time in the face of the most famous monsters in the Resident Evil series. With the introduction of iconic monsters into this experience from other parts, perhaps such as Mr.

The focus is increasing on games that require you to gather an expert and experienced team of players, and fight crowds of monsters and hybrid mutant creatures. There is no doubt that Capcom is in dire need of such a game, after many group experiences that did not rise to the required level, such as Operation Raccoon City or Resident Evil Re:Verse. .

In conclusion.. What ideas can you add to the Resident Evil 1 remake once Capcom actually works on it? How can we make the original terrifying experience that started it all…

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