Residents Petition for Safer Hunting Zones After Hunting Accident in Léglise

2023-10-03 17:18:00

A hunting accident took place in Léglise, in the province of Luxembourg. A bullet crashed into the facade of a resident. Our colleagues from L’Avenir indicate that he has launched a petition to move hunting areas away from homes.

Sunday afternoon, Yves’ family was enjoying the good weather when a lost beauty landed in their facade under renovation. “The impact is between two slates”, he indicates.

At the third shot, witnesses say they heard a whistle then a sound of impact. “You can well imagine the fear. My sister-in-law and her son were sitting on the bench with three children. We came very close to the tragedy”assures Yves.

Contacted, the head of the hunt claims to have respected the safety rules. “The hunter who fired the shot is experienced. But a ricochet occurred. Fortunately, there were no human consequences”he emphasizes. “We already respected the safety rules and we are going to strengthen them even more.”

“I find it hard to believe that. If there had been a ricochet, she would have lost speed and she wouldn’t have gotten this far.” estimates a local resident.

For local residents, shooting near and in the direction of homes should be prohibited. Especially since the village is located below the hunting zone. “The area is about 300 meters as the crow flies. It’s really very close to homes. It’s very dangerous”adds Yves.

In fact, in Wallonia, it is forbidden to fire shots at houses within 200 meters of them. A general rule which does not preclude caution.

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The Léglise resident has filed a police report and plans to circulate a petition in the village. He does not blame the hunter but says he wants to prevent the incident from happening again.

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